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Colorado Compost Contamination!!

Contamination!!!! One of the biggest issues we face as composters is contamination in the compost rows.

Some of the biggest culprits that most people don't think about are stickers on fruits and vegetables. I'm not even sure why we still use these but they are not compostable. Another culprit: Staples from tea bags.

Once again a little thing like a staple is a contaminant. Try to buy teas that do not use staples and use plastic-free compostable bags. Celestial Seasonings, our very-own Colorado tea company, does just that, and their entire box of teas (except for plastic wrapping) can be composted. Celestial Seasonings' tea bags are manufactured through a totally chlorine-free (TCF) process, meaning that no dioxin is released into the environment. Their tea bags are completely biodegradable and compostable.

So to all of my RMC customers please be aware of what you are putting in your bins. Here is a good rule of thumb. If you cannot explain why something is compostable, it probably does not belong in the bucket. As always s when in doubt leave it out!

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