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What if I forget to put my bucket out on pickup day?

Life happens! Just give us a call at 970.420.7453 or email us at and we'll be more than happy to pick it up the following weekday of your pickup day.









How do we find out if you service my area?

At Rocky Mountain Composting we want to get as much of the Jefferson County, Adams County, and Denver County residents involved in composting as possible. We have expanded into other areas along the Front-range recently.  We now service from 120th on the northside down to Highway 285 on the southside.  From Highway 93 on the westside to Pecos on the eastside.  To see if we service your area, view our service area map »

If you are unsure or close to our boundaries please contact us to make sure we service your address.  Thank you

As a customer, do I receive compost back?

As a customer of Rocky Mountain Composting, you will have the ability to purchase compost at a discounted rate.  You as a member are helping to create this wonderful product so we feel you should have a chance to complete the cycle and introduce this compost back into your property.  Compost is only available to our food scrap collection members.

What size is the collection bin?

We provide each member with a 6-gallon bin for food scrap collection.  Members can also put dry paper products in a brown paper grocery bag out with their food scrap bucket at no extra charge.   We also allow for 1 tall brown lawn/leaf bag of yard debris with each pickup, depending on your service plan.

Inside bins!  In order to keep up with the competition, we no longer provide inside bins.  Here are some links to inside compost bins for purchase.

What can I compost?

See our compostable items list below,
as well as what NOT to compost:  We are always available if you have any questions.

Yes and No’s of Composting

Yes, please compost:


food scraps, including meats, dairy, breads
cooked foods, fruits, vegetables
egg shells and cartons, dead flowers
coffee grounds and filters, tea bags
paper napkins, paper towels
paper towel and tp rolls, newspaper
paperboard, pizza boxes
brown paper bags, hair, nails
leaves, garden prunings, grass clippings
small branches up to 3 inches in diameter

Please do not

plastics, of any kind, straws, lids,

metals, foil, treated wood

diapers, human, dog, or cat poo

cow, horse, and chicken manure
cat litter, diseased plants

glossy, heavily dyed paper

plastic bags

dryer lint

frozen/refrigerated paperboard

Arvada, CO United States 80002

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We are a Jefferson County-based, Curbside Composting Company Serving Neighborhoods in:
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