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Join the growing movement of composting, and help make your community and the world a better place!

What is Compost?

Composting is the natural process of taking decaying organic material and turning into an organic fertilizer.


Materials include food scraps and yard waste such as grass clippings or leaves. With moisture, heat, and time, these materials transform into an amazing and renewable resource.

Why Compost?

Organic materials have a life cycle and we as humans should honor that cycle. When organic material is put into the waste stream its life cycle is cut short. These materials should be kept out of landfills. Composting can remove 30%-40% of a homes waste out of the landfill. 


Compost also improves soil structure so that soil can easily hold the correct amount of moisture, nutrients and air.  It also helps reduce the use of harsh synthetic chemical fertilizers.

Our Services?

We offer weekly or bi-weekly (twice a month) curbside compost pickup of your food scraps. We provide you with a container for inside the home and one for outside the home. 


Curbside Composting
We pick up your full compost bucket and replace it with a clean, fresh one each time. We also pick up grass clippings, leaves, and small tree branches.


Yes and No’s of Composting

Yes, please compost:


food scraps, including meats, dairy, breads
cooked foods, fruits, vegetables
egg shells and cartons, dead flowers
coffee grounds and filters, tea bags
paper napkins, paper towels
paper towel and tp rolls, newspaper
paperboard, pizza boxes
brown paper bags, hair, nails
leaves, garden prunings, grass clippings
small branches up to 3 inches in diameter

Please do not

plastics, of any kind, straws, lids,

metals, foil, treated wood

diapers, human, dog, or cat poo

cow, horse, and chicken manure
cat litter, diseased plants

glossy, heavily dyed paper

plastic bags

dryer lint

frozen/refrigerated paperboard

When in doubt, leave it out!  
Feel free to call with any questions 970.420.7453

We are the original food scrap company in Jefferson County.
We will meet or beat any competitor's price!

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More reasons composting helps:

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Composting Tip of the Month

Contamination!!!!  One of the biggest issues we face as composters is contamination in the compost rows.  Some of the biggest culprits that most people don't think about are stickers on fruits and vegetables.  I'm not even sure why we still use these but they are not compostable.  Staples from tea bags.  Once again a little thing like a staple is a contaminant.  So to all of my RMC customers please be aware of what you are putting in your bins.   Here is a good rule of thumb.  If you cannot explain why something is compostable, it probably does not belong in the bucket.  As always s when in doubt leave it out!  Please call me with any questions. Thank you

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